The Beginning of Sherrie’s Younique Style

Dont you hate wearing makeup that makes your skin feel too oily or too dry? Does your skin breakout after wearing certain types of makeup?

I was never big on makeup because it always made my skin feel oily and made my face break out. Until I found Younique!!!!

Honestly, I was looking for a way to earn extra income from home and ran across a Younique post from one of my friends. I thought that would be a perfect way to earn extra money for the holidays. So I joined….

I received my business kit and figured, if I was going to promote and sell Younique, I needed to try the products myself to give an honest opinion about the products. So I did…..I fell in love with the products. They are so lightweight, you really dont feel like you are wearing the makeup, yet your skin looks like its been photoshopped it looks so good. My face didn’t feel oily nor did my skin break out. I now wear Younique almost every day. It really is Amazing…

Younique is a more high end product, however its one of those You get what you pay for deals……..Yes you can buy cheap makeup and get alot more, however, your skin will ultimately pay the price. Alot of cheaper makeup has toxins and chemicals that are absorbed into your skin. Younique Products are based on nature and science. They do not contain those toxic chemicals that are bad for your skin. Our products nourish your skin…. And you will not only feel the difference, you will actually see a difference in your skin….

Dont take my word for it….Try for yourself and if you are not completely 100% in Love with the Products you can return them for a full refund within 14 days…..

A link to my Younique website is at the top of this page under the Shop tab….Please email me and give me your thoughts and results after trying them for yourself…..

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